Hot air balloon soars over the BYU campus


Helaman Halls residents may have been greeted by a hot air balloon outside their doors when leaving for class on Thursday, Oct. 20. Local musician Rob Landes was filming aerial footage to add to a new music video.

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Landes is a violinist from Salt Lake City whose YouTube channel has attracted thousands of views. His videos show him playing covers of popular songs like “Hello” by Adele and “Hallelujah“.

Provo local Beverly Cannon said her husband, Doug, is a commercial pilot who flew the hot air balloon over the BYU campus. Cannon said Landes was gathering footage for his new music video, which will feature him playing “It’s a Wonderful World.”

“We had some film footage inside the balloon, and we’ve been flying for about an hour and a half all over Provo trying to get some beautiful shots,” Cannon said. “We’re excited to land here at BYU because it’s so beautiful. ”

Cannon said Landes’s music has a style like The Piano Guys.

Cannon said she, her husband and her four children love flying hot air balloons together. They often fly over Provo, and BYU has been very supportive, she said.

“What’s amazing about it is how peaceful it is,” Cannon said. “You get a perspective of Provo that you can’t get any other way. It’s so calming and pristine.”


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