Police Beat Oct. 3 – 10




Oct. 5 – A female reported credit fraud after several items were purchased in Ogden with her information. She has notified her credit card company.

Criminal mischief

Oct. 7 – Several cars at Helaman Halls were egged in the parking lot.


Oct. 7 – A bike secured with a cable lock was stolen from the Wyview bike racks.

Oct. 7 – A bike locked with a cable lock at Heritage Halls was stolen. It is entered on the national database.


Criminal mischief 

Oct. 3 – An assault with a knife took place on Center Street in the early afternoon.

Oct. 3 – An individual was arrested after caught driving under the influence near Seven Peaks water park.

Oct. 4. – Drug paraphernalia was located early morning on Freedom Blvd.


Criminal mischief

Oct. 9 – A man was arrested for a DUI after he hit a parked car while driving.

Oct. 9 – A man with three warrants outstanding was arrested after he was reported for suspicious conduct near a bank. He was in possession of meth when arrested.

Oct. 9 – After a road rage incident, a man followed another man to the parking lot of a police department. When one man got out of the car, the suspect punched him in the face. Police were easily able to identify him and discuss the incident with him.


Oct. 9 – Money from a laundromat was stolen after two men drilled holes into the coin machine games and put a rod in to push the money out. Orem Police are using surveillance videos to identify the suspects.

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