Police Beat: Sept. 25 – Oct. 3


Sept. 26 – A male student reported the water bottle holder and red light were taken off his bike parked in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building bike rack. The value of the items was about $20.

Sept. 25 – A manager at the MTC reported several electronic items have gone missing since July. It is currently unknown whether the items have been stolen. The total value of the items is approximately $90.

Sept. 29 – Orem Police have seen a spike in car thefts. The department encourages people to not leave valuable items in sight, lock their cars and park in well-lit areas.

Sept. 26 – Two juveniles were caught attempting to run away with stolen cases of beer from Smith’s. Orem Police responded and returned the juveniles to their parents.

Sept. 26 – A business in Orem had more than $3,000 worth of checks stolen. Orem Police are searching for the suspect.

Sept. 26 – A man was cited for retail theft by Orem Police after he shoved various items in the bottom of a baby stroller in an attempt to steal them.

Sept. 26 – A woman’s wallet was stolen while it was sitting in her shopping cart at the Target in Orem. She was loading items onto the belt when it was stolen.

Sept. 26 – Orem Police spotted a car leaving the scene of a crime where no suspects were found. After stopping the car, police asked the driver why he was there. He responded he came there to pick up a friend. When police asked where the friend was, he responded that he was hiding in the back seat under a blanket.

Criminal Mischief 

Sept. 28. – Building No. 15 and a car at Wyview housing were hit by eggs. Cleanup cost approximately $25. There are currently no suspects.

Sept. 28 – Provo Police are warning residents of a scam where people receive calls supposedly from the IRS claiming the individual owes tax money. Police say not to give any personal information to these callers.


Sept. 28 – A male was threatened to be “destroyed” by his estranged wife while exchanging the kids.

Sept. 27 – A male student was reported stalking a female after he repeatedly sent her unwanted letters while she was out of state. He continued to send her letters even after she told him via text that she did not want any more sent to her. University officers made contact with the male and gave him no contact letter, which he agreed to comply with.

Sept. 26 – A female in Helaman Halls reported her air conditioning in her car had been filled with perfume, and her Hilary Clinton bumper sticker had been taken off and replaced with a Donald Trump sticker. She previously spotted strangers surrounding the car when the horn went off. University Police officers are now patrolling the area.

Sept. 27 – Three females were groped while jogging the Provo River Trail early in the morning. The suspect is described as a white male, in his mid-to-late 20s or early 30s, approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a medium build, short blond hair and a short beard.


Sept. 24 – A male banned from campus was spotted on East Campus Drive. Two females familiar with his situation called University Police, who contacted the man. He claimed he was not on campus when the officers called.

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