BYU ranks high in annual Best Colleges report



BYU was ranked in five different categories in the Best Colleges report. Three of these categories were within the top 20 schools nationwide. (Gianluca Cuestas)

BYU scored well in U.S. News’s annual Best College rankings; BYU secured the No. 15 spot for Best Value school. The Marriott School also earned high rankings with its accounting program, ranked at No. 3 nationwide.

University Communications media relations manager Todd Hollingshead said BYU fully deserves this recognition.

“The criteria are pretty clear about what areas they’re ranking and those are areas we do really well in,” Hollingshead said.

BYU provides a great education at a reasonable cost to fit the Best Value category perfectly, Hollingshead said. BYU students have the opportunity to do their school work and afford to pay tuition (BYU also ranked at No. 4 for least debt).

Hollingshead said he believes the recognition should go to the students.

“I think that’s kind of a secret for BYU, our excellent students,” Hollingshead said. “They perform so well in the classroom and then are able to take that to the real world and represent BYU really well.”

Marriott School public relations and marketing manager Jordan Christiansen said he also traces BYU’s high rankings back to the students.

“It’s the students,” Christiansen said. “They work hard, they are passionate, and not only do they have a great work ethic in the classroom but outside of it as well.”

Christiansen said recruiters notice positive results from working with BYU students, especially from the accounting program. BYU graduates have created a good reputation keeping companies coming back often for new hires.

BYU accounting student McKell Fillmore said the accounting program is difficult academically, but it has been worth the effort.

“It’s an honor to be a part of the program,” Fillmore said. “It’s really cool to be a part of something so prestigious.”

Fillmore said she believes being ranked as the No. 3 Accounting Program provides more blessings than just academic achievement. Because the program is highly recognized, it brings lot of recruiters to the school, she said, and leads to missionary opportunities as graduates work with many companies.

But Fillmore said the positive outcomes of belonging to a nationally ranked program don’t end there.

“I feel very confident about getting a job after college, which is a huge blessing,” she said.

The program does an excellent job with academic and professional development, Fillmore said, and there are many opportunities for students to network and prepare for a future career.

Nichole Nelson, another student in the accounting program, also said she feels optimistic about getting a job when she is done with school.

“The program is difficult and they want to make it hard so you’re prepared for a real job setting,” Nelson said. “I am 100 percent confident about getting a job after college.”

To view all of BYU’s rankings in the Best Colleges report, visit the U.S. News website.

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