Students to network with China experts at China Conference

A speaker at last year’s China Conference addressed students. This year’s speakers will include the former CIO of Hong Kong Disneyland, an Academy Award winning filmmaker and a top Chinese television personality. (Makena Bauss)

Students from all majors will have the opportunity to network with professionals from China and learn more about job opportunities at BYU’s second annual China Conference.

Chinese language skills are not required, but a passion for working internationally is.

The conference will take place on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Hinckley Center. Students will learn how China’s significant role in international business and culture can benefit them.

BYU China Conference co-president Young Limpanasriphong said in a press release that the conference will bring together students pursuing international careers.

“It’s a place where students who are interested in Chinese culture and background are able to get together and network with each other,” Limpanasriphong said.

Makena Bauss, the public relations and marketing director for the conference, said there was a significant need for the event on campus.

At last year's conference more than 200 students attended. Student organizers are hopeful that more will attend this year this year's conference. (Makena Bauss)
At last year’s conference, more than 200 students attended. Student organizers are hopeful more will attend this year’s conference. (Makena Bauss)

“I think a lot of people assume that anything involving work in China means you have to speak Chinese. That really narrows who they think the opportunities apply to, but we think there are opportunities there for everyone regardless of your field of study,” Bauss said. “The criteria is simply, ‘Are you interested in your field? Then there’s work for you in China.'”

The conference, which is run by students, will be a daylong event. The event is “aimed to expose attendees to different career and educational opportunities available in China, regardless of their language background,” according to the press release.

This year’s conference will feature Noble Coker, who is the former vice president and CIO of Hong Kong Disneyland, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Casey Williams and top Chinese television personality Cui Yongyuan.

Every school on campus will be represented at the China Conference and almost all of the schools have some tie to China, Bauss said. The conference will provide the attendees with special lectures, breakout sessions and the chance to network with professionals during lunch.

Peter Chan, faculty adviser to the conference, said in a press release that the conference is not targeted toward just one type of major.

“One thing I want to emphasize is the BYU China Conference is not a conference that focuses on one discipline … it is a multidisciplinary conference,” Chan said. “We draw from a lot of different experts and let them share their experience.”

Bauss said the conference can be hosted again because of the positive response last year, when more than 200 students attended. She said the conference is a great opportunity for students hoping to network or learn from experts.

“If you want to grow your career, this is for you,” Bauss said.

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