Study Abroad Fair offers students aid, opportunities this Thursday


Ari Davis
Students will have the opportunity to get more information about BYU International Study Programs at the upcoming Study Abroad Fair. (Ari Davis)

The Kennedy Center will host its annual Study Abroad Fair this Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Marigold Quad.

The Study Abroad Fair will feature more than 60 booths with information on study abroad programs, international internships and student exchanges. Faculty and program directors will be at each booth to answer questions regarding tuition, coursework, destinations and other questions related to a specific program. They will also provide information on what participants are expected to learn and accomplish while living abroad. The fair will also provide Hokulia shave ice and popcorn for those in attendance.

Kennedy Center registrar Lauren Chung-Hoon has been planning and organizing the event since March 2016. She said one of the major concerns for students is program costs.

“People always have an issue with how to fund the program,” Chung-Hoon said. “There will be booths that will help students with questions regarding financial aid.”

There will also be a career advisor who will assist students with choosing an international study program to aid them toward their occupational goals.

About 1,850 students participated in an international study program through the Kennedy Center from Fall 2015 to Summer 2016. The majority of those students participated during the spring and summer terms.

Rachel Roy, a junior studying exercise and wellness, attended the London Spring 2016 Study Abroad program.

“The thing that stood out to me was how much of a learning experience my study abroad was. If you prepare yourself beforehand, then you will get more out of it,” Roy said. “We learned in our classes, but I decided to take it a step further and tried to learn in all cases like learning from my group and learning from the people.”

Director Lynn Elliott of BYU’s International Study Programs said there are valuable skills developed while studying abroad.

“There is general interest in the world, that is growing as more careers reward people with an understanding of new cultures and intercultural communications. Spending time abroad on an academic program, either studying abroad or interning, can help you develop these skills,” Elliott said. “For most there is no better time to live and study abroad then when they are university students.”

Students can learn more about BYU International Study Programs online.

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