Salt Lake City makes Bankrate’s top ten cities for homeowners

412 rated Salt Lake City seventh in a recent article about the top cities in the nation for homeowners. (Chuck Dearden)

Salt Lake City recently ranked seventh in’s article, “The 10 best cities for homeowners.” Salt Lake City ranked high in property insurance, property tax, energy and foreclose categories.

While both future Salt Lake City resident Ashley Gray and current resident Sterling Averett were initially surprised to hear that that the city ranked in the top ten best cities for homeowners, they agreed that in light of the data, it made sense.

Salt Lake City received high rankings in the property insurance, property tax, energy and foreclose categories, according to’s rating system. (Chuck Dearden)

Gray, currently a Murray resident, is having a home built in the south Salt Lake area to move into. Looking to find some more space, she stumbled upon a property development and signed up.

She said that the new location is a close commute to her work — only two minutes away — and has the added benefit of being near the Jordan River and several popular bike trails.

When asked what else she likes about the idea of living in South Salt Lake, she said “there’s great ethnic food.” Gray also said that South Salt Lake is a “rough” area, which she thinks is probably why the cost of living is relatively low there.

Averett, a seven-year homeowner on the other side of Salt Lake City, said he chose to live there for reasons similar to Gray’s, and namely that the commute to work is short. He also was familiar with the neighborhood.

“I chose the area because I rented in the area for a while,” Averett said. “When I was looking to buy, it was cheaper.”

Not only is his work commute short, Averett said there are a lot of young families in the neighborhood with kids the same age as his two children. He thinks his family might outgrow their little home, but when they move, they want to stay nearby.

“People want to stick around,” Averett said of his neighborhood. “The young families in the area are good to have for neighbors … your kids can play with their kids.”

Whether single or married with kids, there seems to be a place in Salt Lake City for anyone. Averett said he is looking forward to raising his family in the same area in the future.

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