Police Beat Aug. 22 – Sept. 12



Aug. 30 — An individual’s bike secured with a cable lock was stolen from the Miller Park Baseball/Softball Complex.

Aug. 30— Orem police referred a woman for charges after she stole and threw away several thousand dollars worth of rugs because she has a phobia of stepping on things that are black.

Sept. 1 — A man was arrested after stealing a .50 caliber gun from a pawnshop. Orem police are still looking for the gun after the man traded it for drugs.

Sept. 1 — Provo police are asking for help identifying a suspect in the case of an attempted robbery at the Banner Bank at 201 E. Center St. The man came in and began yelling that he needed money. He left after being repeatedly asked. He is reported to be in his 20s, white and around 5 feet 11 inches tall. He was wearing blue jeans, a gray hoodie, a black backpack, dark gloves, a white undershirt and had a dark blue bandana over his face. He could be linked to a similar case in Orem.

Sept. 2 – The lock to a bike storage area in the Ellsworth Building was damaged. No severe damage was done and no bikes were stolen.

Sept. 2 – A female student’s $500 bike was stolen after not being locked up. The bike was parked by the Joseph F. Smith Building.

Sept. 2 – A male student reported his $500 Trek bike stolen from Wymount Terrace after he left it unlocked.

Sept. 4 – A male student reported his $300 Diamondback bike stolen from Helaman Halls. He had not seen it for two to three days. It is unknown whether the bike was locked. There are no suspects.

Sept. 6 – An Orem policeman caught a man with stolen rims in his truck. He was cited and the rims were returned.

Sept. 8 – A man used a fake credit card to buy gift cards at the Walmart located off of University Parkway in Provo. The Provo Police have not identified him yet.

Sept. 9 – A male student reported his phone missing after leaving it on a shelf at the BYU Store. The phone is valued at about $700. There are no suspects.

Sept. 9 – Orem police are attempting to identify a man who went to a local cellphone store and had his 9- or 10-year-old son put a brand new $400 iPhone in his pocket before leaving the store.


Aug. 25 — An individual was escorted from the Leo B. Ellsworth building after being found in a closed area.


Sept. 7 – After publishing a post on Facebook, a female student reported that a male told her he would like to “make her suffer” various types of injuries. He then posted her address publicly on Facebook. This case is under investigation by the University police. 

Sept. 9 – A Provo man was arrested and charged with attempted murder after threatening and cutting a man’s throat with a box cutter. The injured man was treated at the hospital and later released.

Criminal Mischief

Sept. 6 – A “U” was written with magic marker in a restroom of the LaVell Edwards Stadium over the rivalry weekend.

Sept. 6 – A woman in Orem had possession of illegal drugs in her car, along with stolen property in her car, home and storage unit. She is believed to be linked to 15 retail theft cases in the area.

Sept. 6 – A woman with seven warrants out for her arrest was caught using illegal drugs in a local hotel by Orem Police.

Sept. 7 – Sidewalk chalk graffiti was reported near the pedestrian tunnel. Cleanup by the Grounds Department cost about $50.

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