Jamesthemormon creates anthem for 2016 BYU football season

Ari Davis
Jamesthemormon shoots his new BYU football anthem at LaVell Edwards Stadium. The video will debut before BYU plays UCLA on Sept. 17. (Ari Davis)

James Brandt Curran — also known as Jamesthemormon — has created another anthem for BYU football.

Curran spent an entire evening at LaVell Edwards Stadium last week shooting the music video of the new song, “I’m Telling You Y,” that features cheerleaders, Cougarettes and hundreds of Cougar fans.

Curran was exhausted by the night’s end.

“I’m dead,” Curran said after the shoot. “We’ve probably shot this 15 or 20 times. But, I’ve got to show love to my team.”

Curran participated in several shots around the stadium. One clip features him coming down the smoke-filled tunnel onto the field, surrounded by cheerleaders and supporters. Another shot places Curran right in the middle of a pack of crazed fans in the ROC student section. The video includes a dance circle of Cougarettes and actors posing as BYU football players.

The BYU alumnus wrote the song to change stereotypes of the LDS faith and inspire BYU football fans.

“I’m hoping ESPN picks this up,” Curran said. “I want the world to see an insane amount of diversity and be confused and change stereotypes of what they think LDS people are. They think we’re two white guys riding bicycles.”

Curran made sure to include the Polynesian and African-American communities around the Provo area to help prove his point.

“I’m Telling You Y” is a follow-up to Curran’s 2015 BYU anthem: “Dreamin’.” The reason Curran created the songs are the same — to support BYU football — but he aimed for an even bigger video this year.

“We wanted to go bigger and better this year because we have all of BYU’s support,” Curran said. The support was clearly shown by the huge turnout from a diverse group of BYU fans.

Curran also hinted at future projects with BYU, but wouldn’t get into specifics. He was more focused on the anthem.

“I hope that (students) see this and love it and enjoy it and play it at games and it pumps them up and gives them more school spirit,” Curran said.

The music video will premiere before the Cougars clash with the UCLA Bruins on Sept. 17.

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