First Utah Summer Hammock Festival a success



Adriel Johnson of Hammock Tower Events announces that Buster the puppy is available to be played with. There were dogs, activities and competitions all day on Saturday. (Kjersten Johnson)

Weekend Voyagers joined with Hammock Tower Events to bring Provo a weekend filled with hammocks, food trucks and fun — and it looks like the weekend will become an annual event.

The event began at 6 p.m. on Friday night and continued until 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon. About 200 people, which was more than anticipated, came on Friday night to camp, according to Tré Barnes, CEO and cofounder of Weekend Voyagers. More than 350 people came to the event Saturday morning.

Jelina Powell rests in a “tree pod,” which was on display at the Utah Summer Hammock Festival. Different companies displayed and sold products at the festival. (Kjersten Johnson)

“I loved sleeping in hammocks under the stars,” said Jelina Powell, who came down from Salt Lake for the event. “I overcame fears. I was terrified of heights and falling, but I got into the first hammock tower.”

Taylor Fallentine, a 21 year old from West Valley, also conquered some fears at the event, especially with the ring jump. Fallentine hasn’t hammocked much in the past, but he was impressed with the variety of things to do with hammocks and plans to get one soon.

Beau Mair, vice president of sales for Ultimate Hammocks, said the company sold lots of hammock straps, which the company is primarily known for. (Kjersten Johnson)

Hobo Hammocks, Ultimate Hammocks, Clayborne and Alpine Hammock were all companies at the event. This was the first time Ultimate Hammocks went to a hammock-only event, but Beau Mair, the vice president of sales, said the company hopes to attend more hammock-only events.

“We’ve sold a lot of straps,” Mair said, which is what the company is really known for. “They’re lighter and stronger.”

The event brought together college-age people in the Provo area to set the North American record for highest hammock tower. People were safely strapped in to a 22-high hammock tower. (Kjersten Johnson)

A movie, live music, spikeball tournament, zipline, canoeing and — of course — the hammock tower were some of the main attractions of the event.

The event’s hammock tower was 22 hammocks tall and set the North American record for the tallest hammock tower; a bid has been made with Guinness World Records and now just has to be submitted.

Both Weekend Voyagers and Hammock Tower Events were pleased with the success of the event and plan to do it annually. Next time though, the companies want a larger venue to accommodate even more people and, ultimately, even more of a party.

Buster and other dogs were popular at the event. The family-friendly event will likely be continued for years to come because of the positive response. (Kjersten Johnson)
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