Iowa State student government against BYU’s addition to Big 12


The student government at Iowa State University passed a resolution on Sept. 7 formally declaring they are against BYU’s potential addition to the Big 12 conference.

The resolution was introduced by Abhijit Patwa and passed 21-6. The reasoning stems mainly from the Honor Code, with the student government deciding that “BYU’s discriminatory policies and practices are inconsistent with the values of the Big 12.”

This isn’t the first time BYU’s Honor Code has been under fire since Big 12 expansion began. LBGT groups have also lobbied the Big 12 to reject BYU, feeling the Honor Code is discriminatory in nature in regards to homosexuals.

Student government president Cole Staudt opposed the resolution and released this statement on Twitter.

BYU was named to the Big 12’s shortlist of schools the conference is considering for expansion last week.

The student government’s resolution will be sent to presidents of all Big 12 schools.

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