College fashion takes to social media with #BYUfirstday


One of the most exciting elements of the back-to-school season is the shopping. This season, new trends have surfaced on Instagram with students posting pictures of their first day of school outfits using the hashtag #BYUfirstday.

Freshman Samantha Weber said she has noticed that college fashion is an upgrade from what she has usually seen.

“Everyone wears dressy casual here, which is much different than high school where it was completely casual,” Weber said.

Although Weber has only been at BYU for a short amount of time, she has noticed that major trends for females on campus often include cuffed skinny jeans, denim shirts and Converse shoes.

Freshman Ethan Call has also noticed new trends in fashion, particularly men’s fashion.

“It seems to be very popular to wear button-up shirts and button them up all the way,” Call said.

Another trend Call emphasized was cuffed jeans for boys, which is a similar trend for girls according to Weber.

Freshman Mia Urmston said she follows stores on social media because it is an easy way to stay up to date with the newest fashion as soon as it hits the shelves.

Many stores including American Eagle, Forever 21 and Called to Surf use accounts on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest as advertisement to show off their back-to-school specials, according to Urmston.

Called to Surf sales associate Kenadee Anderson noted that back-to-school is an extremely busy time for the store.

“Our store owner actually went to fashion shows in Vegas, California and really everywhere to make sure we hand-picked the best items for our customers,” Anderson said.

Anderson said the most popular items this season that she has observed so far seem to be detailed jeggings for females and STAY WEAR brand t-shirts for men.

Image courtesy of Instagram
Called to Surf’s Instagram received more than 2,500 likes on a recent photo featuring back-to-school style. (Instagram/calledtosurf)

Weber said it’s important for students to find what style works for them after observing trends.

“There is so much you can tell about a person based on the clothes they wear,” Weber said. “It can tell where they came from, their mood and even how they feel about themselves and the world around them.”

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