Y-Weeks excites students about the semester and opportunities to serve



Gianluca Cuestas
Josh Stoeltzing, a BYUSA volunteer, helps out during Y-Weeks. BYUSA has planned two weeks of activities to kick off Fall Semester. (Gianluca Cuestas)

BYUSA is kicking off Fall Semester with two weeks of daily activities and events to involve students on campus. Some activities include a food truck roundup, spike ball tournaments and even free cookies and milk.

BYUSA assistant director Anthony Bates said these events, referred to as Y-Weeks, show what BYUSA is all about.

“We are the BYU Student Service Association, so we want to convey to the students that there is an organization here where students serve students. That’s the tone we want to set for the year,” Bates said. “Hopefully we can instill that when they see themselves being served by other students, that they in turn want to do the same thing.”

The activities are free and open to all students, Bates said, even though some students question the activities’ intention and requirements to participate.

“Hopefully we send out a message, through the wide variety of events, that there really are no strings attached,” Bates said. “We really do just genuinely care about you and are very excited to have you back to campus.”

Jacob Stoeltzing, another BYUSA member, also said the association is here to serve.

“We’re trying to welcome everybody back to campus and raise awareness about what BYUSA is,” Stoeltzing said. “I love that we give students the opportunity to serve each other. I feel like it’s enriched my experience here on campus, and I think it can help others enjoy their experience here as well.”

Gianluca Cuestas
Many students are found participating in Y-Weeks activities each day. The activities will run through Friday, Sept. 9. (Gianluca Cuestas)

Volunteers also helped students, especially freshmen, find their classes during the first days of the semester. Deborah Colimon, a freshman from Palm Beach, Florida, said she believes this is a great method to help students in her grade adjust.

“I think it’s been helping a lot, because many people looked a little lost their first couple days on campus,” Colimon said. “And we’ve been out here in the mornings and afternoons trying to guide people to their buildings and classes.”

Colimon began volunteering for BYUSA soon after arriving at the university.

“I always knew that I didn’t just want to be at BYU and go through it,” Colimon said. “I want to be a part of BYU, so I joined BYUSA.”

But it’s not necessary to officially join BYUSA to get in on the fun.

Samantha Earl, a student from Reno, Nevada studying human development, said she had not heard about the events through various media platforms. Instead, she found out about them when walking by Brigham Square.

“I see them randomly, and I say, ‘Hey, what’s up?'” Earl said.

Activities will continue throughout the first two weeks of Fall Semester and conclude with an annual Fall Fest party. BYUSA will provide more opportunities to serve throughout the year via student activities.

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