BYU’s Vocal Point ‘goes the distance’ in new music video


“Go the Distance” from Disney’s “Hercules” is the newest release from Vocal Point. The popular a capella group posted the music video to YouTube on Tuesday, Aug. 30, and the video has garnered more than 140,000 views in its first week.

Fans had previously commented on the group’s Instagram page requesting a cover of the song, vocalist Kyle Lemperle said, and Vocal Point ultimately made the decision to sing “Go the Distance.”

“It is one of those Disney classics that everyone expects a male group to sing and it’s one where the message of the song really resonates with us,” Lemperle said.

Vocal Point combined its talent with that of The All-American Boys Chorus for the a cappella version of the popular song. The video features the groups in matching polos and khakis, barefoot, in the ocean surf of Southern California. Lemperle and the other eight members of Vocal Point provide close harmonies and rhythm as they walk along Dana Point Beach.

Lemperle said he really enjoyed working with The All-American Boys Chorus.

“It was way fun. It has been an awesome experience. Not only are they brilliant, they are really good. They are amazing,” Lemperle said. “These young boys have a passion for singing and, like us, want to spread a good message.”

The All-American Boys Chorus is based in Costa Mesa, California, and is made up of young men between the ages of 8 and 15. The two groups have performed together on other songs, and Vocal Point is even teaching the younger group how to sing a capella.

Vocal Point members had to learn their “Go the Distance” parts quickly, Lemperle said. He only had one afternoon to learn his part and make it his own before the group recorded the song.

The music video highlights some of the obstacles faced when filming in nature. As the choruses combine, the tide begins to rise quickly, and Lemperle said one of the Vocal Point members was swamped by water.

“What you don’t see is the tide getting higher and higher and, by the final takes, actually getting all of us pretty wet. When the director of the video yelled, ‘That’s a wrap,’ everyone quickly ran for higher ground! After watching the video, we think it was worth it,” McKay Crocket, Vocal Point director, said in an email.

The song adds to Vocal Point’s already popular YouTube channel, which has some videos capping millions of views.

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