Meet Fezzari: Utah’s high end bike company

Fezzari marketing employee Jordan Washburn talks about Fezzari’s products in their showroom in Lindon, Utah. Fezzari is one of the most prominent bike companies in the United States. (Natalie Saunders)

It’s Fezzari, not Ferrari.

The company wouldn’t mind if someone made the association though.

Fezzari is a local company that builds high-end custom bikes in Lindon, Utah. One might even call them the Ferrari of bikes.

In a crowded market, Fezzari sets itself apart from the competition by building custom bikes and shipping them directly to customers. By cutting out vendors and bike shops, marketing employee Jordan Washburn said they pass along significant savings.

“You can compare any of our bikes spec-by-spec with any bikes out there essentially, and you’ll be saving at least 30 to 40 percent off, just because we don’t go through the retailers,” Washburn said.

Not only can a customer get a low price, but they get a durable, quality product as well. Fezzari’s motto is three simple words: Custom. Quality. Direct.

The company has done so well that they are turning heads all across the country. Outside Magazine called Fezzari’s Foré bike one of the top seven in 2014, describing it as “the most talked-about bike.”

Even the tech world has weighed in, with Wired calling Fezzari “the biggest little bike company you’ve never heard of.”

But despite dozens of positive reviews, Washburn believes there are things that matter more.

“We have a lot of great magazine reviews, but more importantly, customer reviews. We have a really loyal following,” Washburn said.

Loyal is a fair assessment – he went on to cite internal statistics that indicate over 66 percent of Fezzari’s business comes from repeat or referral customers.

The quality products and customer experience that draws customers back stems from the passion of Fezzari’s founder Chris Washburn, Jordan’s father.

“He always says the devil’s in the details,” Jordan said.

After working with an electric bike company, Chris saw that too many people were riding the wrong bike and paying too much. His industry experience helped him realize that there was a void he could fill with custom, quality bikes shipped directly to a customer.

That realization is where Fezzari was born.

Now in its tenth year, Fezzari has grown to 20-30 employees and sells thousands of bikes each year.

It has bikes for anyone, ranging from high-end athletes to everyday college students. The company recently released a more affordable bike collection – called Simbi – that costs as low as $399.


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