Whimsical hair trending for summer weddings

Sami West
This undone look done by Signature Brides and Design shows the natural elegance that is the theme of this summer’s weddings. (Sami West)A bride is not complete without a perfect hairstyle to match her dress. This year’s summer wedding hair trends are simple and geared towards more natural wedding themes.

A bride is not complete without a perfect hairstyle to match her dress. This year’s summer wedding hair trends are simple and geared towards more nature-themed weddings.

Finding the perfect wedding hairstyle to go along with the dress doesn’t have to be difficult. According to Sami West, the owner of Provo bridal salon Signature Brides and Design, there are three types of wedding hairstyles that are popular this summer: boho, undone and braids.

“The hair trends for 2016 in the wedding industry have become very natural and nature-geared,” West said. “They have changed from very sleek and polished looks to more boho and whimsical sophistication.”


Some brides are ditching the veil and going for flowers this summer instead. The arrangement of the hair compliments the flowers, rather than the flowers complimenting the hair.

Boho stands for bohemian. Bohemian hairstyles are softer and sweeter hairstyles that are more whimsical, according to Latest-Hairstyles.com. They often involve floral elements as well, West says.

“A very big trend that we are seeing is any kind of flower arrangement added to the hair, whether it be just flower hair adornments, like a comb or single placed flowers, to a full head crown of big, bold flowers,” West said. 

Sami West
This traditional boho look with the flower crown adds color and warmth to a summer wedding. (Sami West)


The “undone” look is also popular this summer. An undone hairstyle, West explained, is one where the hair is partially down in some way, but still has an element to it that makes the hair more interesting than just having it completely down.

Undone hairstyles add the fun of letting the hair down, but also keep the hairstyle different and unique, according to West.

These hairstyles feel like the hair is down but still have enough interesting things going on in the hairstyle. Most of the time they are swept all to one side of the head,” West said in an email. 

Another way to wear the undone hairstyle is pulling half of the hair back. This allows for some of the hair to be pulled out of the face, but still allows the length of the hair to fall through.

Brooke Lamont
Hannah Adamson found her undone look on Pinterest and had her sister recreate the look. (Brooke Lamont)

BYU sophomore Hannah Adamson chose a half-up style for her wedding day this summer. She had her sister do it on her wedding day because she wanted someone she trusted to do her hair the way she envisioned. 

Adamson’s choice to do her undone hairstyle was simple.

“I found this style on Pinterest and I liked how elegant it looked. It was simple to do and easy to fix if it got messed up,” Adamson said. “So overall, it was a great option for me.”


The braid is a classic hairstyle that has been evolving with time. A braid can be used for a boho look or an undone look, or the braid can be the main focus of the hairstyle.

The braid has been the most popular trend this summer for West’s hairstylists.

Sami West
This take on the braid style combines the braid with a floral accent. The thick, messy braid is the most common among brides in Provo, according to West. (Sami West)

“The last trend that we see all of the time in our industry is braided and whimsical styles. These are the majority of what we have been doing this past year,” West said. “These styles are not as polished and show more of a woodsy feel with the way the hair is messy, but ‘structured messy’ is what we call it.”

These hair styles are perfect for the summer because they help the bride stay cool. The hair length shows, but hair is off the shoulders in some way, West explained.

Although these three general hair styles are trending this summer, in the end, the bride has to find a hairstyle that she thinks works for her.

Aubrey Herrera, a sophomore studying pre-dental, has a summer wedding coming up. She is planning on wearing her hair wavy and half-up, half-down to hold her veil.

Herrera didn’t want to just stick to trends; rather she wanted her hairstyle to be perfect for her.

“I chose that hairstyle because it’s timeless. My hair is long as it is, and I feel like on your wedding day you should feel the most beautiful that you could possibly feel,” Herrera said. “I love my hair down because it gives me confidence and allows me to feel like me.”

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