Refugees, modern day pioneers


In honor of Pioneer Day, the latest print edition is themed around how the BYU community is helping refugees.

Grad’s nonprofit supporting refugees

Sam Duong

Six months ago, BYU alumna Hayley Smith had an office job and a desire to make a difference in the world. Today, she works full time running a nonprofit organization that aims to help millions of refugees worldwide.

Refugees find freedom, challenges after resettlement

Fleeing their homelands is just the beginning. Many refugees stay in camps for years while waiting to finally relocate. The United States accepts more refugees than any other country, but the entrance requirements are still very stringent.

Tutoring services help refugees learn English, life skills

Various organizations have created mentoring and tutoring services to help community members as the refugee population in Salt Lake City continues to grow.


Navigating refugee resettlement process no easy task

A personal account of what it is like for a refugee to relocate to Salt Lake City.



Soccer club helps refugee children break through hardship

The Break-Thru Soccer Club in Salt Lake City is a group dedicated to helping refugee and underprivileged children overcome the trials they face in life.

BYU graduate aids Syrian refugees and detainees

After volunteering at a refugee camp in Greece, this BYU grad and single dad decided to devote his life to saving refugee families.


App, Facebook pages make it easier to help refugees

The Utah Refugee Center launched the The Serve Refugees app in early April. The app gives students the chance to help refugees without having to leave the house.


Refugees embrace culture, provide scholarships with goat farm

Refugees in Utah are given the opportunity to embrace their culture as well as provide bright futures for themselves and their families through the East African Refugee Goat Project.

BYU honors student starts Ezidi refugee relief fund

There are many lessons that students learn while they are in college. For Jake Brewer, a BYU student graduating in August of 2016, the biggest lesson was that nothing is impossible.



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