Police Beat July 6-19




July 15 — A couple was getting their engagement pictures taken on the LaVell Edwards Stadium field and triggered the alarm. Police responded and found out the couple had permission to take pictures there.


July 15 — A female student reported the loss of $1,776 due to a job scam. In February the female contacted an employer about a job posted on BYU Bridge. Sometime in June the employer contacted the student promising to deposit a check in her Chase bank account. She was then advised to move most of her money to a Wells Fargo account, where the money went missing.


July 13 — A student locked her bike overnight at the JFSB bike rack. When she returned the next morning her bike, helmet and lock were all missing. The bike was valued at $150.

July 18 — Two secured bicycles were taken from Wyview bike rack, their cable locks cut.

July 18 — An unsecured bicycle was reported missing outside the Harvey Fletcher Building.

July 18 — A bicycle and the cable lock securing it outside of Helaman Halls was taken from the bike racks.

July 19 — A bicycle was reported taken from the bike racks outside the Tanner Building.

Alcohol Offense

July 13 — A 14-year-old girl attending BYU Habits for Life had an empty Jack Daniels bottle in her room. An advisor saw the bottle and called the police. The girl claimed she didn’t drink it on campus. She was not cited, but her parents were notified and she was released from the Habits for Life program.


July 6 — A group of people were shooting off fireworks in a no-firework zone by Building 1 in Wyview Park. When the police arrived, a witness told them the group had left.


Animal Problem

July 12 — A bear was seen just after 1 p.m. in a neighborhood by Mile High Drive in Provo. Provo Police and Animal Control responded. The bear was tranquilized and relocated.


July 15 — A car parked on E. 500 North and North University Avenue was stolen around 7 a.m.


July 15 — A person was assaulted near Glenwood Apartments. No weapons were involved.



July 12 — Orem Police responded to a report of a man being assaulted. Upon arrival, the police found out the victim was a suspect in a theft case. The man had posted some stolen items on KSL and the owner of the items saw the posts. The owner pretended to be a potential buyer and confronted the man, which led to the assault. Police recovered the stolen items as well as a stolen car. Police took the assault victim to the hospital and then to jail.


July 6 — A granddaughter of a Orem resident is suspected to have stolen her grandfather’s 2003 Dodge Stratus.

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