The facts about EFY on BYU campus

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EFY participants walk across BYU Campus. BYU hosts over 15,000 youth attendees every summer. (Maddi Dayton)

For spring and summer term students and faculty, the calm and quiet campus experience is coming to a close as EFY sessions are starting in full swing. EFY brings an increase in activity and traffic on the BYU campus.

“Although teenagers can sometimes be loud or ‘in the way,’ I wish those who have never been to EFY could see the youth when they are reverent during scripture and gospel study, or when they are exiting the fireside or testimony meetings,” said EFY Director J.D. Hucks.

The EFY Director explained that many people don’t see EFY students during their spiritual moments because these moments occur near the residence halls, in the mornings or on Thursday evenings when people aren’t around.

“The goal is to help youth strengthen their commitment to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do it by providing a well-balanced program where youth have fun, meet new friends and grow spiritually,” said Hucks.

Here’s the most important information for students trying to avoid the younger passersby.

1. Where will EFY participants eat and at what times? 

EFY participants eat breakfast and dinner in the Cannon Center or the Morris Center Tuesday – Friday. On Monday evenings and Tuesday – Friday afternoons, they eat a catered meal in and around the Wilkinson Center.

2. In what buildings will the participants be having their workshops, service projects and devotionals? 

For the most part, EFY utilizes the Wilkinson Center for “morningsides” and classes. However, the BYU scheduling office occasionally places them in the Jesse Knight Building, JSB and HFAC in the summer.

3. Where do EFY participants stay? 

Most EFY participants stay in Heritage Halls. However, participants also sometimes stay in Helaman Halls.

4. How has EFY affected the flow of traffic on campus in past years? 

The approximately 1,100 EFY youth participants that visit BYU each week increase foot traffic around campus. The largest increase in foot traffic is probably when the morningsides conclude around 10:20am, in between EFY classes, and at lunchtime. EFY administrators try to keep the youth in one section of campus if possible to minimize the impact to students and employees on campus.

5. How many EFY participants come in each session?

EFY sessions vary in size each week between 700 to 1,400 people depending on the facilities that are available. Some weeks, if there isn’t a venue large enough to hold 1,200 youth, EFY participants may be spilt up into two, three, and sometimes four sessions held in smaller venues.

6. How many EFY participants come to BYU for EFY cumulatively throughout the whole summer? 

Approximately 13,000 participants attend EFY at BYU through the summer.

7. Have there ever been any conflicts between participants and students in the past?

EFY staff works to ensure their program participants are good guests while on the BYU campus. They teach the youth they are campus guests and encourage them to show respect for that privilege by respecting the campus itself, as well as others in the campus community, such as students, faculty and staff.

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