Utah County provides recreational water activity options this summer

Marilda Ferreira
The sun shines over Utah Lake last year. Utah Lake is a great place for recreational water activities during the summer. (Marilda Ferreira/Utah.com)

Students are beginning to look for ways to cool down as the weather warms up. Utah County has several options when it comes to recreational water activities.

BYU Outdoors Unlimited manager Gardner Kearsley says water activities are a great way for students to spend their summer days.

“Being on the water is exciting and tends to create a sense of adventure,” Kearsley said. “(It) can be a fairly inexpensive date, and (there is) fairly easy access.”

As Kearsley indicated, there are many places for water activities within 30 minutes of BYU campus. One of the more popular choices among students is the Provo River, which is primarily used for river rafting, kayaking, canoeing and tubing.

Aditionally, Utah Lake, Bartholomew Park, the Payson Lakes, Deer Creek Reservoir and the Burraston Ponds in Mona are nearby options for kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding and swimming. The Burraston Ponds are also the location of the well-known Mona rope swing.

BYU student Megan Uffens said water activities help to make the summer bearable.

“Water recreation is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without battling the heat, and there are plenty of options,” Uffens said.

Because of the popularity of these types of activities, Provo has numerous locations where students can rent and schedule guided tours.

BYU Outdoors Unlimited, which is located on the north end of campus, is a great option for students looking to rent equipment for adventures. Among the available items are kayaks, paddleboards, canoes and whitewater rafts. Outdoors Unlimited is not currently running any deals, but students are encouraged to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up on current promotions and special offers.

Another option is Provo Canyon Outfitters, which focuses solely on tubing the Provo River. For $14 Monday through Thursday and $19 on Friday and Saturday, individuals will be shuttled five miles up river, where they will then tube back down in the space of about two hours.

High Country Adventure also offers Provo River tubing options, as well as a wide variety of other activities. These range from guided and self-guided adventures in river rafting, tubing and kayaking to trips that combine water adventures with activities such as ziplining and horseback riding. Students can use the promo code “BYU20” to get discounts on certain activities. Those who are interested can contact High Country Adventure for more information.

People who will be participating in water activities this summer should be cautious and careful as they adventure. Kearsley provided the following water activity safety tips:

  • Plan ahead and be prepared.
  • Let others know where you are going, what you are planning to do and when you are planning to return.
  • Research the activity and area you are going to beforehand.
  • Take someone with you who has done the activity or been in the area before.

People interested in learning more about these recreational water activities can visit outdoors.byu.edu, highcountryadventure.com and provocanyonoutfitters.com.

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