BYU grad Nik Day uses his degree to write music for a good cause

Nik Day
Nik Day’s first solo album “Miracle” centers around Nik’s personal testimony of Jesus Christ. (Nik Day)

His face might not look familiar yet, but his songwriting probably is. Nik Day’s song “Come Unto Christ” was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ youth theme in 2014. The official video has more than 115,000 views on YouTube.

His songwriting credits are throughout LDS Church productions, and he just released his first solo album “Miracle.”

Day said this album is not affiliated with the LDS Church, but focuses on encouraging listeners to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

“This album is my first solo project,” Day said. “I drew from my own personal experiences, and scriptures and things to write uplifting pop music.”

Day grew up on a farm in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He began writing songs at 7 years old, and his musical career took off when he transferred to BYU from BYU-Idaho after his LDS mission in Mexico City. He accepted an offer to study media music after excelling in an introductory songwriting course.

Tessa Barton
Day graduated from BYU in 2012 in media music and works for the LDS Church as a songwriter. He also does freelance work for organizations like Operation Underground Railroad. (Tessa Barton)

Day interned with the LDS church producing music for the youth program after graduating in 2012. He’s written 12 songs for the past three EFY albums and now works for the church as a product developer and songwriter.

Ross Boothe was a product manager in the Priesthood and Family Department at LDS church headquarters when he hired Day in 2012.

“Nik has always been a standout songwriter, as well as singer, musician and producer,” Boothe said.

He said Day is unique because of his wholeheartedness to follow Jesus Christ.

“He’s as talented as anyone I’ve worked with, but he’s uniquely humble, uniquely committed to living the gospel,” Boothe said. “That’s what makes him a standout.”

Day worked with artist Kendra Lowe to develop Operation Underground Railroad’s new theme song. Operation Underground Railroad is a non-profit organization that fights child sex trafficking around the world.

“I really thought it was a cool cause to get behind,” Day said. “I want to support an organization like this that does so much good.”

Co-director of the Vocal Sport singing competition Sherri Whitehead also pointed out the positive impact of Day’s example in the local music scene. Whitehead said Day is a regular judge and talent scout for Vocal Sport.

“In addition to being a talented producer and providing opportunities for other vocalists, the thing that sets Nik apart as a singer and songwriter is that his purpose is greater than promoting himself as an artist,” Whitehead said in an e-mail.

Day hopes his songwriting can provide support and hope for listeners.

“I believe Christ wants people to succeed and will provide them with aid when they need it most,” Day said.

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