Jimmer helps raise over $24,000 for charity with 84 successful three-pointers


Jimmer Fredette, former BYU basketball star and founder of Fredette Family Foundation, successfully made 84 out of 100 three-point shots on Friday evening in efforts to raise money for Orem’s All-Together Playground.

Hundreds of Jimmer fans and Orem community members excitedly gathered at Orem High School to support the All-Together Shootout. Audience members and businesses pledged a certain amount of money per shot made by Jimmer and successfully raised $24,668.28 for the playground.

“These kids can play, have fun and just be normal kids,” Jimmer said about the new playground.

Businesses like Zion’s Bank and Orem Rotary Club got involved with the cause by pledging money just like the audience members. Zion’s Bank generously donated $100 per three-pointer made.

Katrina Bleyl is one of the key community members to make this All-Together Playground happen. Katrina has an 11-year-old disabled daughter who inspired her to want a playground for their community which could be used by children of all abilities. Her efforts have been supported by the community and by foundations like the Fredette Family Foundation. She said it all started with a Facebook post asking for ideas on how to improve the community.

“It is a miracle,” Katrina said. “Who knew all of this could happen?”

Whitney Fredette, wife of Jimmer, was extremely happy with the outcome of the event. She said the Fredette Foundation focuses on kindness and inclusion and they couldn’t be happier to help support a cause like the All-Together Playground that mirrors the same kind of values.

Whitney said she has an uncle who has a disability and family members who are huge supporters of this cause so it means a lot to them to be involved with the All-Together Playground.

“I’m unaware that anything in the entire country exists like this,” Whitney said. “This is just a huge opportunity for us to give back to something that means so much to us.”

The bleachers were packed at the All-Together Shootout. Fans were entered in giveaways to win basketballs, kayaks, money, etc. The BYU dunk team also put on a show and a few lucky audience members got to shoot baskets of their own in front of everyone.

The crowd counted each successful shot as Jimmer made them: all the way from one to 84. Each missed shot was accompanied by a unanimous “aw” from all audience members as well. His 100th and final shot was a success and made the total 84 three-pointers; the crowd stood and cheered.

Young fans were also given the chance to ask Jimmer any question they wanted. Jimmer was asked questions like “What is your favorite color?” and “Can you teach me how to Jimmer?”

Jimmer explained he was very happy with the outcome of the event. He said he was excited community members chose to come and support a good cause like this one.

“We are just so honored to be a part of this cause,” Jimmer said.

The All-Together Playground in Orem will be adapted to the needs of all children. Kids in wheelchairs, walkers or any other disability will be able to use this playground alongside children without disabilities. This playground coincides with the values of the Fredette Family Foundation in promoting kindness, inclusion and anti-bullying.

Jimmer hasn’t forgotten BYU. He thanked BYU fans for all of their support throughout his career and he hopes there are many more good times to come.

“Go BYU,” Jimmer said. “Going to have a great basketball season and great football season. I’m excited to watch.”

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