Hawkcam reveals live view of baby hawks


The Daily Universe’s Hawkcam reveals a live view of endangered Cooper’s hawk nest between the Brimhall and Maeser buildings that has two baby chicks.

A competition to name the baby chicks is currently playing out on The Daily Universe’s facebook page. Users are encouraged to like their two favorite names throughout the weekend and the winners will be announced June 13. Those that submitted the winning names will receive two movie vouchers to the Provo Cinnemark theater.

One or both of the parent hawks, formerly referred to as the ‘BYU Angry Bird’ has been attacking students when they walked too close to the nest. A BYU ElevenNEWS reporter was attacked by one of the hawks and captured it on camera, May 24.

The sidewalk by the tree housing the nest has recently been closed, and will remain blocked until the fledglings leave the nest.

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