Students say clothing choice affects concert experience


Attending concerts is a popular activity for students during the spring and summer months and wearing the right attire is crucial. Clothing choice affects the overall experience, according to BYU student and concert fanatic Jake Harouny.

“A vibe and culture is created when everyone’s clothing matches the artists’ impressions,” Harouny said.

Jake Harouny bases his concert outfit on the artist's style. (Claire Anderson)
Jake Harouny bases his concert outfit on the artist’s style. (Claire Anderson)

Harouny believes concert clothing should showcase someone’s personality and dedication to the artist.

“Your outfit is an outward expression of who you are,” Harouny said. “You want to be able to express yourself and show why you are there.”

He said his go-to summer concert outfit consists of pastel shorts, a tall tee and a hat.

A person should consider the venue when deciding what to wear to a concert, according to BYU student and regular concert attendee Hannah Campbell.

“If I’m going to an outdoor concert, I usually wear hippy clothing,” Campbell said. “Flowing dresses and floral patterns work well.”

Hannah Campbell wears head-to-toe black when attending an indoor concert. (Claire Anderson)

She explained that an indoor venue calls for different attire.

“I wear darker colors to indoor concerts,” Campbell said. “You can’t go wrong with all black clothing.”

Campbell also said she looks to celebrities’ Instagram feeds, such as Kylie Jenner’s, for her concert outfit inspiration.

Brady Parks, lead singer of local band National Parks, said a fan can never go wrong by wearing the band’s T-shirt.

“I think it’s really cool when people wear our T-shirts at a concert,” Parks said. “It’s like wearing your favorite sports team’s jersey. I like seeing it in the crowd.”

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