Transit police agency holds press conference about UTA worker found dead in Wyoming


SALT LAKE CITY— The Utah Transit Authority Chief of Police expressed his grief over the death of a maintenance worker at a press conference at UTA Headquarters, Wednesday morning.

UTA Police Chief Fred Ross said police agencies are thoroughly investigating the death of Kay Ricks who went missing last week.

Fred Ross, UTA Chief of Police speaks at morning press conference about death of Kay Ricks. (Paesha Tuttle)

According to the Associated Press, the 63-year-old UTA maintenance worker was found dead outside a town in Wyoming on Tuesday.

But during the press conference, Ross said that it is “not 100 percent confirmed” that the dead man found in Kemmerer, Wyoming, is actually Kay Ricks.

“It’s a very fluid investigation at this point, and I hope you all understand the importance of that,” Ross said.

He said that the Utah and Wyoming police agencies involved in the investigation are working hard to accurately solve the tragic case without rushing it.

“We will not stop on this case … and we will use every resource we have to bring this to a conclusion,” Ross said.

Many news companies gather at the press conference hoping to receive updates about the death of Kay Ricks. (Paesha Tuttle)

It’s been indicated that Flint Harrison and his son, Dereck Harrison were associated with Ricks’ death. The Associated Press reported that the Harrisons kidnapped and assaulted a mother and four daughters in Centerville on May 10. When the five women escaped, the Harrisons fled to Wyoming. On May 12 Ricks and his UTA truck went missing—the same day and area where the Harrisons were last seen in North Salt Lake.

When asked to explain further details concerning the link between Ricks’ death and the Harrisons, Ross said he had no solid answers he wished to disclose.

Ross said that the UTA truck Ricks was driving has yet to be located. It was last seen Thursday around 5:10 p.m., near the Ballpark TRAX station.

In a surveillance camera, the vehicle was seen around 6 p.m. on Tuesday in Diamondville, Wyoming, just south of Kemmerer. According to Ross, it was unknown whether the male driver was Ricks.

Ross expressed his deepest condolences on behalf of the Ricks family.

“Our most important thing is to be able to bring this case to closure, and hold those responsible accountable,” Ross said.

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