SLC’s Decades thrift store specializes in vintage chic


International designers from all over the world are all trying to nail that perfect vintage-inspired look in order to get more customers buying their clothing.

A few big names in vintage fashion right now include Christian Dior, Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel.

But poor college students who are pinching pennies and eating off the dollar menu every night don’t have to break the bank to find the vintage look they so badly want. Fortunately, for those living in or near Salt Lake City, the search is over. Decades in Salt Lake City has clothing with that simple “oldies” look at a price that leaves cash in the pocket.

The store at 627 S. State Street in Salt Lake City is near the vintage flea market. Decades specializes in vintage, retro and contemporary fashion for both men and women. They sell everything from clothing to shoes and accessories to fun small decoration items for the home

Outside the Decades Vintage Fashion store in Salt Lake City. (Decades)
Outside the Decades Vintage Fashion store in Salt Lake City. (Decades Store)

or apartment. The items come from a variety of different decades, especially the ’40s and ’50s, and the racks are organized by theme to help facilitate shopping. All items are resale so the prices stay low for customers.

Addie Hunsaker, a 21 year-old English major at BYU, came across Decades while shopping with her mom. She was intrigued by the really interesting dresses displayed in the windows. She decided to go inside and check things out.

“The clothes are real vintage so you have to be more gentle with them than you would in another store,” Hunsaker said. It made it feel much more authentic.”

Hunsaker said she enjoyed shopping there and would recommend it to any college student. “It’s the place I would tell anyone who is really into ‘true vintage’ to go. They would thrive there,” she said. Hunsaker said the prices of most items were really affordable.

Shopping the racks at Decades. (Decades Store)
Shopping the racks at Decades. (Decades Store)

Decades has been around for several years, but has just recently begun making a name for itself because of the many shout-outs from fashion bloggers and journalists. It was described in an online article for The New York Times as being “a little off the beaten fashion track, but well worth a visit.”

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