Captain America punches through Provo theaters

Captain America and Iron Man face off in the 13th Marvel Cinematic Universe installment. Orem and Provo theaters sold out over the weekend. (Moviestillsdb)

“Captain America: Civil War” exploded into theaters over the weekend, destroying sales records all across the world. Provo movie theaters took a good beating from the film, catering to hundreds of excited moviegoers.

Fans flocked to theaters to see the 13th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and many sported t-shirts of their favorite superhero. Both the Orem and Provo Cinemark theaters sold out most showings and had to bring in extra staff and security to handle the crowds.

Provo resident, Melissa Spencer saw the movie Thursday night and said the theater was buzzing.

“We didn’t have to fight through the crowd because we got there 30 minutes early, but afterwards there were tons of people walking in for the next show,” Spencer said.

Madeline Phillips
BYU Alum, Ryan Stevens dressed up as Captain America for the weekend showing. (Madeline Phillips)

The film follows the original Avengers as they deal with the aftermath of their previous battles. Tensions arise, leading to the “Civil War” between team Captain America and team Iron Man. The addition of Spider-Man and the Black Panther brought a new dynamic for the Avengers and new fans to the film.

Many movie critics dubbed the film as one of the best in Marvel history. It sold more advance tickets than any other superhero movie before fans could even get in the theater, according to Fandango. The film brought in $181.8 million in the U.S. and Canada alone by the end of the weekend, becoming the fifth largest debut in box-office history.

Spencer and many others enjoyed the movie even with the packed theaters.

“It was magical,” Spencer said. “It was totally worth being with the crowds to see it. People will love it.”

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