2016 Women’s Conference: Close Knit Family Unity


Primary General President Joy D. Jones along with counselors Jean B. Bingham, and Bonnie H. Cordon encouraged women to keep their families close knit in times of trial and prosperity.

The talk began with Sister Cordon saying that families are similar to one large knitted cloth.

“Christ commanded us to look forward having hearts knit together. How do we knit hearts?” Sister Cordon asked. She continued by saying that we do so by using eternal threads to bind our families.

Each family member and major influence on the family is represented by a thread. Sister Cordon emphasized that if the gospel is not woven into the cloth, the family will not be strong enough to withstand the trials of the world.

The most important thread for Sister Cordon’s family is scripture reading.

She recalled how after participating in a missionary zone conference, she received revelation that her family scripture study pattern needed to change. As a result, Sister Cordon’s family decided to implement more discussion time into their nightly reading.

“Choose today which eternal threads to weave in more abundantly to bind our families” Sister Cordon said.

Following Sister Cordon, Sister Bingham continued the analogy by adding another important thread to the family cloth, family council.

“Councils help families learn to appreciate and love one another” Sister Bingham said.

Family council is a way for families to feel connected. Sister Bingham encouraged women to utilize the act of family council for improving communication between all family members.

While family council can be a time to discuss family problems, Sister Bingham insists that the majority of the time should be spent expressing love and positivism.

“Love softens hearts,” Sister Bingham said, encouraging the audience to take time to appreciate the little things and to always teach the principle of love.

Sister Jones concluded the family metaphor by adding the thread of temple attendance.

“The only way for family to be eternally united is in the temple,” Sister Jones said.

Sister Jones relayed a personal story about her son who was recently diagnosed with cancer. During her son’s illness her daughter-in-law became ill with a serious infection and found out she was pregnant.

Despite her family’s faith, Sister Jones said she could not help but feel as though she was sinking.

Sister Jones’ family attended the temple regularly throughout the difficult time period. At the temple, they are able to find peace that is not available in any other part of the world.

This feeling of peace should become important to parents and shine through in their parenting, according to Sister Jones.

“As we fall in love with the temple, we can help our children fall in love with the temple as well,” Sister Jones said.





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