Police Beat April 8-22



Criminal Mischief

April 9 — A student parked her truck in the lot north of the Marriott Center and took up two parking stalls. When she returned, someone had written an expletive on her car window. She was able to wipe it off.

April 13 — Sometime between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m. a car parked in the lot south of the BYU Broadcasting building was covered with raw meat causing major paint damage on the trunk and hood.


April 14 — A student saw a homeless woman, who had previously been banned from campus, walking in the Wilkinson Student Center. The police were notified, but they were unable to find the woman.

April 19 — Three male BYU students were seen climbing up the scaffolding at the bell tower at 1 a.m. They were cited for trespassing.

Property Damage

April 12 — The center console of one of BYU’s golf carts was found ripped off. Police believe someone attempted to hot-wire it and failed.


April 9 — An individual complained about the volume of Miller Park’s PA system during a BYU baseball game. The volume was found to be in compliance with the noise ordinance.


April 10 — A BYU student locked his bike to a pole rather than a bike rack. He returned and found it was missing. Police were notified and located the bike in the impound lot.

April 11-14 — Clothing estimated to be worth about $1,300 was stolen from a female resident of Helaman Halls. Police have identified a person of interest.

April 14 — A student employed at the Wilkinson Student Center left her backpack in the employee dressing room before going to work. Her wallet was missing when she returned. She later recovered the wallet at lost and found. Nothing was missing from the wallet.

April 15 — A bike, valued at $450 was stolen from a Wilkinson Student Center bike rack. The bike was not locked.

April 16 — A student living in foreign language housing accused his roommate of stealing his personal hygiene products, a package, a computer mouse and USB drive. The officer found no evidence to validate the accusation.

April 19 — A student went to get his bike from the JKB east bike rack. His bike was still locked, but found his seat was missing. He was able to locate it in the nearby bushes, but his $100 tool kit had been stolen.

April 19-21 — A bike was stolen from Wymount Terrace. It was locked with a cable lock and is valued at $200.

April 20 — A pair of jeans placed in a washing machine at Helaman Halls was reported missing. The jeans were valued at $150.

April 20-21 — Two tires were stolen off a car parked at Wymount Terrace sometime between 5:30 p.m. on April 20 and 7:30 a.m. on April 21. The tires were each valued at $100.

April 21 — Sometime between 9:30 a.m. and noon a $125 bike was stolen from the Thomas L. Martin Building bike racks.

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