Backpack story roundup: Everything you want to know (and maybe some you didn’t)


Backpacks are more than just a vessel to transport things. BYU students are using backpacks as a statement piece to show personal meaning along with practicality. In this special edition, see how the BYU community takes simply using a backpack to the next level.

BYU students consider the price of what they carry on their backs

Students were asked to calculate the monetary value of the items in their backpacks in an informal survey at BYU. The average amount being carried on their backs was around $1,000.

Students use backpack for self expression

Whether they’re decorative, simple, or name brand, students are using backpacks to show personality and interests.

BYU students use backpacks for 72-hour kits

Backpack survival kits have become a popular medium for emergency preparedness. From natural disaster to zombie apocalypse, a 72-hour backpack could be what saves the day.

Ten popular backpack brands on campus10 popular backpack brands

Fashion, functionality and durability are three key factors influencing students’ buying decisions for their college backpacks. These ten backpacks are some of BYU students’ favorites.

A real weight on your shoulders: How much does your backpack weigh? 

BYU students carry backpacks filled with books, laptops, snacks and other random items every day. It adds up.

12 backpack trends from your childhood that exist today12 backpack trends from your childhood that exist today

Even though some of these backpacks were the worst, they were still part of 90s and 2000s culture. Love them or hate them, here are some trends to haunt your memories as well as some of the most interesting online shops.

Backpackers share tips for hiking successBackpacker share tips for hiking success

Backpacking provides an experience in the mountains unlike any other. Few activities offer refuge from the daily onslaught of life than hiking into seclusion with only the basics of survival.

10 famous backpacks that changed pop culture

Looking at 10 of the most famous backpacks in cinema — that we all wish we had.

Kennedy Center backpacks travel the globeKennedy center backpacks travel the world

BYU’s International Study Program has given away its iconic backpacks for more than 30 years. Many students look forward to and prepare for their study abroad programs by choosing their own ISP backpacks from the Kennedy Center.

Alternatives exist to the conventional backpack

College students must find ways to carry a variety of hefty school supplies to campus each day. However, sometimes the conventional backpack can get dull.

Special packs allow dogs to carry their own weightspecial backpack allows dogs to carry their own weight

Abby stands out with the bright green pack that encompasses her. But she’s not the only dog with a backpack. Outdoor enthusiasts like Ally Miyazaki are using these packs as a better way to transport their pets’ gear.

NBA players express themselves with backpacks

Here’s to the many backpacks of the NBA.


Workout bags don’t have to be a hassle on campus

Students enjoy participating in student activity (STAC) classes and using the gym or track to work out on campus. But there’s always the question of what to do with the gym clothes, work clothes, school books, computers, phones and shoes.

Students and alumni share #BackpackHorrors

Students are bound to have a backpack mishap as they tote their backpacks everywhere, every day.

Finding an alternative backpack for missionaries

Missionaries are no longer allowed to use the standard backpack. Many BYU returned missionaries have transitioned to shoulder bags for safety or stylistic reasons.

Backpack designs and technology aid students, runners

Backpacks are necessary for BYU students who study on campus as well as abroad. Students can purchase backpacks from nearby vendors that will suit their needs.

7 tips to keep backpacks safe instead of stolenkeep backpack safe

Though BYU is a safe campus the possibility of backpack theft is inevitable. With these top seven tips to keeping backpacks secure, students can keep their backpacks safe instead of stolen.

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