Workout bags don’t have to be a hassle on campus

Maddi Driggs
Nellie Hicks walks to class with her workout, school and work necessities. (Maddi Driggs)

Students enjoy participating in student activity (STAC) classes and using the gym or track to work out on campus. But there’s always the question of what to do with the gym clothes, work clothes, school books, computers, phones and shoes.

Some students bring all of their belongings to campus with them in a duffle bag or other sports bag. Austin De La Mare, a senior from California, said he prefers bringing everything with him to campus.

“I know a locker is only a couple of bucks but if there’s other means for me to save money, then I’ll take that option,” De La Mare said. “I’m taking a gymnastics class and then I have another class several hours later. I just stay on campus all day and bring a lunch and a change of clothes. As long as I have a duffle bag, I really don’t mind.”

Allison Barnes, a junior from Provo, said she prefers to plan her STAC classes so she has enough time to go home and shower. This way she doesn’t need to go to her classes in sweaty gym clothes.

Many of the STAC classes are offered early in the morning which gives students more flexibility to go home. The Richards Building provides lockers and a locker room where students can shower, get ready and store their belongings. Nellie Hicks, a senior studying exercise and wellness, commutes to school from Midway, Utah. She said it’s been convenient to have a locker to store her things.

“Sometimes the only time I have to work out is in the middle of the day or early in the morning and I don’t want to walk around sweaty for the rest of the day,” Hicks said. “So I keep a locker mainly to have my shower stuff, including an extra set of makeup. Plus it’s cheap.”

For full-time students, a locker costs $10 a semester. You can find out more information about campus locker rentals at

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