Special packs allow dogs to carry their own weight


BYU student Ally Miyazaki and her dog Abby have been together since 2015, when Miyazaki adopted her as an emotional support animal. According to Miyazaki, “(Abby) was the best pick ever.”

Abby sticks out in the outdoors with her bright green pack that wraps around her body. But she’s not the only dog with a backpack. Outdoor enthusiasts like Miyazaki are using these packs as a better way to transport their pets’ gear.

Miyazaki said she bought the pack so Abby could carry some of her own weight when the duo goes hiking. Abby can carry her leash, booties, food, a water bowl and even a tennis ball if occasion permits. But Miyazaki said she avoids putting valuable items in Abby’s pack.

Miyazaki needs to make time for her pet even though she’s a student.

“It’s hard to know that I have to get home every day and that we still have to go to the park,” Miyazaki said. “But it’s valuable and rewarding to have her in my life anyways … I think the benefits outweigh the costs.”

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