Kennedy Center backpacks travel the globe

The Kennedy Center carries several different Dakine ISP backpacks to choose from for those who are in the study abroad program. (Natalie Bothwell)

BYU’s International Study Program has given away its iconic backpacks for more than 30 years. Many students look forward to and prepare for their study abroad programs by choosing their own ISP backpacks from the Kennedy Center.

Director of the Kennedy Center’s International Study Program Lynn Elliot explained that although these backpacks are wanted by all students, they are reserved for those who have studied abroad.

“We do not sell them to non-participants, although we’ve been asked to,” Elliot said. “We wanted some branded item that shows that the wearer participated on one of BYU’s international programs.”

Elliot said students who are preparing to study abroad choose their backpacks three to four weeks before leaving.

Natalie Bothwell
Liesl Hammer is one student who studied abroad and received a Cotopaxi ISP backpack.

The Kennedy Center carried Cotopaxi ISP backpacks during a one-year trial with the company in 2014. There were a variety of Cotopaxi backpacks to choose from, but Dakine ISP backpacks are now the official bag of the Kennedy Center.

Brenna Brown, a junior majoring in art education, says she looked forward to choosing her ISP backpack.

“I couldn’t wait to pick mine out and I still use it sometimes,” Brown said.

Students that traveled to the U.K., Peru and Spain shared photos with their ISP backpacks in different locations throughout their trip.

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