12 backpack trends from your childhood that exist today


Kids from the ’90s suffered a lot: bowl cuts, denim everything, toe socks, the creativity that only Microsoft Paint could offer …

And backpacks. Even though some of these backpacks were the worst of offenders, they were still were a part of ’90s and 2000s culture. Love them or hate them, here are 12 backpack trends to haunt your memories and some of the most interesting online shops.

1. Lisa Frank

Nothing took advantage of the endless possibilities of color, backpack material and design quite like these did. 

2. Clear backpacks

So you could show off your fly school supplies.

3. Fuzzy backpacks

There was no limit to what type of fuzz your backpack could have.

4. Huge key chains or fun patches

Customization was a must.

5. Roller backpacks

They’re better for your back, but they made you stick out.

6. Personalized backpacks

Whether you wrote your name on your backpack in glitter pens or had it embroidered, it was yours and you loved it.

 7. Mini backpacks

Not very functional, but … stylish?

8. Denim backpacks

Not even backpacks could escape the ’90s to 2000s denim fad.

9. Pop culture backpacks

Because your backpack deserved to be as cool as you were.

10. Basically anything JanSport

JanSport always seemed to be a reliable choice.

11. The purse-as-a-backpack trend.

Not to be confused with the mini backpack. Accessories not required, but highly encouraged.

12. And, of course, the moccasin-Pocahontas backpack.

BONUS: Some that we just can’t explain.

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