Police Beat Best of school year 2015-16



Oct. 1 — A female student purchased $40 worth of food for General Conference weekend and stored it in a communal refrigerator in the basement of Hinkley Hall in Helaman Halls. The food was gone when she returned, and University Police believe it was most likely consumed.

Dec. 11 — A student discovered that parts of his bike had been removed and replaced with cheaper parts.

Jan. 26 — A male student reported his car as stolen from the parking lot north of the Marriott Center. While talking to a police officer, he realized he might have parked in the lot east of Brick Oven. He found his car there.

March 26 — Police contacted the grounds crew about a manhole cover, by Hinckley Hall in Helaman Halls, that was missing. Police were unable to discover the location of the missing cover. The grounds crew brought and installed a new one.

Property Damage

April 6 — A tree the grounds crew had been attempting to plant fell off the front-end loader and onto a car. The car received minor damage.


Nov. 14 — A person entered the Heritage Hall’s construction site and climbed to the top a crane. At the top, the person waved a flashlight. The person was gone when the officers arrived.

Nov. 30 — Heritage Halls tenants reported a suspicious older male entering one of the buildings. Officers responded and discovered that the male was a member of a bishopric for a ward in the building.

Jan. 14 — A person wearing dark clothing was seen testing the doors for the Wymount Terrace Multi-Purpose Building. When officers arrived they found the person was a BYU housing employee making sure the doors were locked.

Feb. 18 — Someone called University Police to report a suspicious person distributing fliers south of the Harris Fine Arts Center. Police discovered the fliers were for a BYU housing event.

March 21 — A female told the police about a possible pipe bomb on the fourth floor of the Joseph F. Smith Building. Police arrived to investigate and, after they evacuated the floor, found out that the PVC pipe capped on both ends was actually part of a scavenger hunt.

March 28 — Police received a call about a suspicious male in the Harris Fine Arts Center. The male, not affiliated with BYU, was just looking for a place to practice the piano.

March 31 — A person reported a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot. Officers responded and found a couple making out.

April 1 — A student reported a suspicious male outside Building 26 in Heritage Halls. Police responded and identified the male. The male, not affiliated with BYU, was waiting for a date who didn’t show.

Missing Child

March 7 — A child was reported missing from Wymount Terrace. Police responded and found the child inside the family’s home.

Disorderly Conduct

Oct. 1 — A group of students playing hide-and-seek in the Harris Fine Arts Center at 11 p.m. caused a faculty member to call the University Police. The police arrived but were unable to find any of the students in question.

Feb. 5 — University Police made contact with a person being towed behind a car on a sled at 1 a.m. The police informed the group it was illegal. Thirty minutes later, police made contact with a different group towing a snowboarder behind a vehicle and also informed them it was illegal.

Feb. 10 — At Wyview Park, a person reported that an upstairs neighbor was working out and doing some sort of jumping, which was disturbing the resident below.

Feb. 18 — A bearded student tried to attend class at University Parkway Center, but the teacher told him to leave because of the Honor Code violation. The student refused to leave the building and police were called. Police told the student how to get approval for his beard and he left.


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