Police Beat April 1–8



Property Damage

April 6 — A tree the grounds crew had been attempting to plant fell off the front-end loader and onto a car. The car received minor damage.

April 3 — A student was studying in May Hall in Helaman Halls when something hit his window and broke it.


April 6 — A female was walking up Maeser Hill when a man stepped out from behind a bush. She ran away and called the police.

April 1 — A student reported a suspicious male outside Building 26 in Heritage Halls. Police responded and identified the male. The male, not affiliated with BYU, was waiting for a date who didn’t show.

April 1 — A man knocked on an apartment door in Wymount Terrace. A female was home and didn’t answer the door but chose to call the police instead. The man was a maintenance worker who was responding to a request to fix a closet.


April 7 — A female, who lives at Wymount Terrace, was waiting for a package with prescription medication in it. Someone else signed her name for it, but the pills turned up the next day opened. She decided to not take the pills.

April 6 — A female reported that food and a few articles of clothing had been stolen from the lobby in Hinckley Hall in Helaman Halls. The actual incident occurred on March 26, but she thought her clothes would turn up in the laundry.

April 6 — An unlocked bike was stolen from the JKB bike racks.

April 6 — A person put down his phone in the multi-purpose room in Wyview Park. When he went to pick it up, it was gone. He noticed another male nearby and ask him if he had taken his phone. After asking three or four times the other individual returned the phone. All contacts had been deleted.

April 6 — A bike valued at $200 and lock valued at $20 were stolen from a Tanner building bike rack. The bike was locked.

April 6 — A $1,200 bike was stolen from J Hall’s bike rack in Helaman Halls. The bike was locked.

April 5 — A laptop was taken from a common room on the main floor of the Joseph F. Smith Building. The student called Apple and asked them to send a message to the computer. The message informed whoever had the laptop to turn it into the lost and found. The computer was turned in.

April 4 — A delayed report came in from the BYU Bookstore. A person stole an unknown amount of T-shirts. Police are investigating.

April 1 — A bike was stolen from a J. Reuben Clark Law Building. It was locked and valued at $500.


April 5 — A student was doing chalk drawings on a Smithfield House ramp. He was writing a statement about no matter how hard you get hit to move forward. Police asked the individual to clean it up.

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