Police Beat March 25-31




March 31 — An unlocked $600 bike was stolen from the bike racks by the Indoor Practice Field.

March 30 — A credit card, taken out of an office in the Abraham O. Smoot Administration Building, was used in Salt Lake City. The owner of the card reported an additional credit card and some cash stolen as well. The second credit card was not used.

March 26 —Police contacted the grounds crew about a manhole cover, by Hinckley Hall in Helaman Halls, that was missing. Police were unable to discover where the old one was. The grounds crew brought a new one.

March 26 — A female approach the police to tell them about someone using her ID card. After police talked to her she determined that she had made a mistake.

March 26 — A $100 bike, not locked, was stolen from Wymount Terrace.


March 31 — A person reported a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot. Officers responded and found a couple making out.

March 30 — A male knocked on a Wymount Terrace door and asked the female inside to see her apartment. The female denied entrance and called the police. Police responded and discovered the male was getting married shortly and just wanted to see an apartment. He was directed to the Wymount Terrace office.

March 28 — A student called the police about three suspicious males who looked out of place in the Harold B. Lee Library. The police were unable to identify the men.

March 28 — Police received a call about a suspicious male in the Harris Fine Arts Center. The male, not affiliated with BYU, was just looking for a place to practice the piano.


March 31 — A person, living in Santa Rosa California received an email from a BYU email address. The email informed him that his American Express card might have been compromised and if he would give them his card number they would be able to find out if it was. He decided to call BYU instead and discovered that the email was from an illegitimate BYU email address.

March 29 — A female student was contacted through care.com about a babysitting job. The person offering the job informed the student that they would send out a check, she could cash it and send it back. The student stopped contact and informed police.

Property Damage

March 30 —An MTC access gate fell on a car causing $200-$300  damage. No one was hurt.



March 28 — A Provo resident, around 255 North and 1600 West, informed the Provo Police about a prowler in the area at 5:30 a.m. The prowler was a woman who claimed she had been kidnapped and assaulted by her ex-boyfriend.  The woman had arrived home around 2:30 a.m. to find her ex-boyfriend outside her home. She claimed he forced her into her truck, tied her wrists together, and stuffed a rag in her mouth. Over the next few hours he allegedly assaulted her. She escaped with the man tried to move her from the truck into her home. She went into a neighbor’s residence and called for help. The residents then called the police. She had multiple bruises, lacerations, and a broken finger. The ex-boyfriend was arrested for aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault.


March 28 — Around 8 p.m. property was stolen out of a motor vehicle on the 1500 Block University Avenue near the Riviera Apartments.



March 29 — Someone called in two suspicious males sitting in a car in the apartment complex. When an officer responded he found one of the men cleaning gout his marijuana pipe, with a bag of marijuana on his lab. The marijuana was confiscated and he was cited.


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