Vocal Point and others perform at semi-annual A Cappella Jam


BYU recently hosted a bi-annual concert jam that included performances from eight BYU a cappella clubs in the JSB auditorium.

Vocal point’s artistic director Mckay Crockett said he had been preparing for the big night for a while and was most excited about the final song.

“For the last song we invited everyone to come up on stage and perform,” Crockett said.

All the groups and even the audience participated in the final jam.

The jam has been a tradition since 1993 and provides a lot of revenue for the a cappella clubs and allows them to grow in popularity according to John Colton, the faculty adviser of BYUSA a cappella clubs. The groups often collaborate and record a CD before the event and then sell copies at the jam.

A lot of the students involved with the a cappella groups look forward to the jam and the excitement of performing live in front of a large crowd, according to Colton. 

Eric Copaz a member of Beyond Measure said he gets his energy from performing live.

We really enjoy performing at the jam because the people who attend the Jam just love a cappella so much and give off so much energy” Copaz said.

Many were in attendance and all the groups were able to get the audience to participate.

Kaelin Williams, a student who attended the jam, said she had never gone to an a capella concert before. She explained that she even looked up one of the groups on Spotify to hear more after the jam.

“I found it super interesting,” Williams said. “I liked the different styles the groups performed, from singing in different languages to modern pop.”



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