Bishop W. Christopher Waddell: Learn, Listen and Walk


Latter-day Saints were invited to continue learning and listening to Christ’s teachings while also walking in his meekness.

Bishop W. Christopher Waddell (LDS Church)

Bishop W. Christopher Waddell of the Presiding Bishopric shared a story of when his daughter and son-in-law were asked to team-teach a primary class of five 4-year-old boys. During the lesson, Elder Waddell’s son-in-law took a particularly rowdy boy into the hallway, but before the son-in-law could say a word, the little boy blurted out, “‘Sometimes … sometimes it’s just hard for me to think about Jesus!'”

Bishop Waddell then went on to talk about how it can be hard to think of Christ in the midst of trials and tribulations.

“Peace of mind, peace of conscience and peace of heart is not determined by our ability to avoid trials, sorrow or heartache,” Bishop Waddell said at the 186th Annual General Conference.

To assist in the search for peace, Bishop Waddell spoke of three steps of a simple pattern that keep one’s thoughts focused on the savior.

“Listen, learn and walk. Three steps with a promise,” Bishop Waddell said.

Bishop Waddell spoke on the importance of learning the truth of the gospel. He shared the story of a couple who were grieving the death of an infant son. As Bishop Waddell explained they would see their son again, their grief was lessened.

“We feel peace as we hear his words and learn from his example,” Bishop Waddell said.

The second step to finding peace, Bishop Waddell said, is listening to the word of the Lord. Bishop Waddell recounted Lehi’s vision of the tree of life and how those who fell away after partaking of the fruit did so because they listened to the mocking from the people in the great and spacious building instead of heeding the Lord.

“Our commitment to the Lord and His servants cannot be a part-time commitment. If so, we leave ourselves vulnerable to those who seek to destroy our peace,” Bishop Waddell said.

The third step Bishop Waddell spoke of was to “walk in the meekness of (Christ’s) Spirit.” In closing, Bishop Waddell spoke of Christ’s invitation to walk where he walked and to apply the Atonement.

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