Elder Kent F. Richards: The Power of Godliness

Elder Kent F. Richards (LDS Church)

Temples have real power and importance at home and within the family.

Elder Kent F. Richards of the Seventy reminded everyone of the four new temples announced on Saturday, to be built in Quito, Ecuador; Harare, Zimbabwe; Belem, Brazil; and Lima, Peru.

In a recent experience with a temple dedication, the Holy Ghost bore witness to Elder Richards of the power of temple ordinances.

“As the Lord has revealed, the fullness of the Melchizedek Priesthood is found in the temple and its ordinances, ‘for therein are the keys of the holy priesthood ordained, that you may receive honor and glory,'” Elder Richards said.

He explained that families may receive “all that He (the Lord) can and will give us.” Specifically, the temple provides blessings for both living family members, and those that have died.

President Joseph F. Smith received a revelation that there should be redemption for the dead, dependent on others to perform temple ordinances by proxy on their behalf.  Elder Richards explained that there are more than “120,000 ordinance workers in the 150 operating temples around the world.”  Temple workers are allowed to serve as long as they are able; he advised missionaries to serve “for just a short time as ordinance workers” before leaving on their missions.

Elder Richards urged members to continue to go to the temple and complete the ordinances needed to bless their family members, both living and dead.

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