Sip-N pops into soda scene


Sip-N is offering its own take on Provo’s soda revolution by offering food and a party environment in addition to its mixed soda beverages “spiked” with flavored syrups, cream and fruits.

Owners Jill Stewart and Holly Davis opened their first Sip-N soda shop in Payson in 2014 and opened a second shop in Spanish Fork in 2015.

Sip-N opened its third location in Provo on March 19. The shop takes the place of Stan’s Drive-In along 900 East. The shop is currently open, although they plan to have an official grand opening sometime in mid-April.

Sip-N has already drawn in customers with its bright-blue exterior, but owners hope to keep customers there with their homemade treats. Manager Lyndsay Osburn said their food options set the shop apart from other soda shops like Swig or Sodalicious.

(From left) Rachel Sweeney, Mariah Rapier, Lyndsay Osburn and Cheylie Roberts gather in front of the new Sip-N Provo location on 900 East. (Jenna Crowther)

“People want to eat as well. Other places only sell drinks, but we sell food and drinks and snacks,” Osburn said. “You can get pretty much everything here. Our peanut butter bars and sugar cookies are homemade, and we have fries, smoothies and snow cones. That’s more than any other place can say.”

According to Osburn, Sip-N’s cookies are made from the original Swig recipe. But the peanut butter bar is one of Sip-N’s popular treats not offered at other shops.

Customers can also purchase large, homemade Oreos to compliment their drinks. Spiked fries are popular as well, according to owner Jill Stewart’s husband Justin.

“Our fries are selling a ton. They are fries, covered in cheese and bacon. They’re so good and people like them a lot,” he said.

Sip-N also offers a delivery service for its food and drinks. Customers can call or text in an order and have it delivered to their location.

Osburn said another defining characteristic is the shop’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

“We’ve already had, like, five first dates come in,” she said. “It’s a low-key place to take a first date. It’s a great place to come and hang out, and we try to create a fun environment.”

The shop’s management tries to create an environment where people can go to have fun with friendly employees. Sip-N employee Mariah Rapier said she and her coworkers focus on creating a relaxed environment with their service.

“Our customer service is so important. To Justin it’s so important to be outgoing and friendly with the people who come in,” Rapier said. “We try our best to help people have fun and relax here.”

Sip-N also tries to set itself apart with its drinks. The menu features sodas mixed with cream and fruits. Customers can mix their own combinations if none of the featured drinks appeal to their tastes, as they can at other soda shops in Provo.

But employee Rachel Sweeney said their spiked drinks are their defining characteristic.

“Some people have thought that it’s alcohol, but there’s none,” Sweeney said. “It’s just a fun way of saying that it’s normal soda with a little something extra.”

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