Women’s hair trends get shorter, brighter with springtime sun

Brooke Bressler shows off her short hair. (Maddi Driggs)

Women across campus are finding new hair trends through social media and are staying current with the latest and greatest things to do with their hair. These trends include shorter, blunt cuts, dutch braids, half-knots and sun-kissed color.

Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Lucy Hale have taken the leap and chopped their locks. Each of these women has a version of a blunt cut that ranges between 2 inches below and 2 inches above the shoulders.

BYU senior Brooke Bressler said she had long hair for a long time. “When I was in elementary school, my oldest sister chopped her hair off while she was in college, and ever since then, I wanted to follow her example and chop mine off as well,” she said. “However, long hair was so trendy, so I kept mine long.”

Maddi Dayton
Madeline Woods gets her hair braided from roommate before school. (Maddi Driggs)

Bressler kept her hair long throughout high school and her first years of college. She was scrolling through her Pinterest feed one day when she came across a photo of Lauren Conrad with mid-length hair.

It was just below her shoulders and Bressler was obsessed. She decided she must have the cut and immediately made an appointment with her stylist.

She said she loves having short hair for the freedom it gives.

“There are so many fun hair styles that I can do that I couldn’t ever do with my long hair,” Bressler said. “Everyone always told me how much harder short hair would be but they are all wrong. I have halved my dry time, half the time to curl, everything is easier now.”

Bressler has noticed that three of her favorite hairstyles have spread across campus: loose waves (what she describes as non-structured curls), the half knot and dutch braids.

Maddi Dayton
Brooke Bressler sports the half knot do. (Maddi Driggs)

Bressler saw a photo of Jennifer Lawrence that made her want to cut her hair shorter than it is now. Another picture of Elizabeth Olsen featured a short cut with a wide part.

“There are so many pins on Pinterest that are really popular right now that encourage me to keep my hair short and so many cute hairstyles,” Bressler said.

Another popular style for women is having natural-looking highlights frame their faces and grace the ends of their hair.

BYU student and licensed cosmetologist Alexis Andraszczyk said many people come to her for ombres.

“I especially like it when girls have a hint of natural looking highlights around their faces,” she said.

Maddi Dayton
Madeline Woods wears dutch braids, a popular style among BYU students. (Maddi Driggs)

Hairstylists can help people achieve the sun-kissed look, as they have for sophomore Madeline Woods.

“My (hair) naturally gets blonde around my face in the summer when I go to the beach,” she said. “But during the winter in Utah it gets a little darker, so my stylist puts in a couple of highlights to bring back the blonde around my face.”

This is a popular color trend that can be expected to continue this spring.

“The first time I got these face framing highlights I went to my stylist in California, who told me this is what her other celebrity clients are getting done,” Woods said. “I have loved them ever since.”

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