Cruz, Sanders took huge victory from under Trump, Clinton’s feet


Texas senator Ted Cruz and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders won big in Utah’s caucuses Tuesday night.

But how big were their victories?



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Sanders won every county popular majority in the state with and average of 45 percentage points ahead of former first lady Hillary Clinton, handing her her worst loss in the campaign so fair with Sanders taking 79.3 percent of the vote and Clinton taking 20.2 percent.

In Utah County, the Bernie vote in Provo alone made up about 47 percent of the county’s Democratic vote.

Sanders gained 26 and Clinton gained 8 delegates, according to However, the exact number of delegates gained is difficult to know because of unbound superdelegates.


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Sanders’ 79.3 percent victory is the highest percent of the vote gained in any state on both the Democratic and Republican side, as well as his own campaign.

Clinton faced a similar loss—and Sanders a similar victory—in Idaho with Clinton only taking 21.2 percent of the caucus vote, according to


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Cruz gained the highest percent of the vote gained in any Republican Party caucus so far with 69.2 percent of Utah’s caucus votes.

Cruz also won every county popular majority with an average of 43.8 percentage points ahead of either businessman Donald Trump or Ohio governor John Kasich.

Trump finished last in Utah with 14% of the caucus vote. He and Kasich gained no delegates.

This is only the second time in the GOP race that Trump has gained zero delegates in a state.

Trump was handed his worse voting percentage since the District of Columbia March 12 where he only gained 13.9 percent of the vote according to


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These victories give momentum to the Cruz and Sanders campaigns that both trail their party front runners, Trump and Clinton, going into a small break in the caucus primary calendar.

On the GOP side, the next caucus isn’t until April 1 in North Dakota. Alaska, Hawaii and Washington will hold primaries on Saturday, March 26 for a total of a total of 142 delegates on the line.

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