BYU women’s lacrosse loses to Westminster

Beth Calderwood runs the field in a previous game against the University of Utah. (Universe Archives)

BYU women’s lacrosse fell 11-10 in a close game against Westminster.

Westminster scored the first goal and BYU responded quickly after. The two teams exchanged goals until Beth Calderwood and Savannah Sutherland put BYU ahead by two. Both teams continued to play intense offense but BYU maintained a 7-5 at the half.

“I don’t think they were expecting us to be a real competition,” Calderwood, who scored 4 goals in the first half, said. “The first half went really well and we came out really strong.

The second half brought a new spark for the Griffins as they scored two quick goals to tie the game at 7. The Cougars stepped it up in response and put themselves back in the lead. Westminster scored twice more to reverse the lead 9-8.

The Cougars remained within one or two points throughout the remainder of the game but failed to recapture the lead. The final score was 11-10.

“We had some good stops on fast breaks, but our main problem is staying in front of cutters,” Seguine said. “That would have taken away five or six goals. We need to remember to play to win and not just to maintain a lead.”

Head coach Nikki Dabrowski said she loves playing Westminster because it’s always tough competition.

“We bring out our A-game because we know they’re a good team,” Dabrowski said. “I feel like sometimes we had too much energy and were too frazzled tonight. We are hoping to have more consistency in the future.”

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