Temple attendance expected to increase with opening of second Provo temple


The opening of the Provo City Center Temple could create new opportunities for BYU students who want to go to the temple more frequently. 

The Provo City Center Temple will open on March 22, 2016 (Mormon Newsroom)
The Provo City Center Temple will be the second temple in the city of Provo. It will be dedicated on Mar. 20, 2016. 
(Mormon Newsroom)

The Provo Temple, located north of BYU campus, is currently the only temple in Utah County open on Mondays in order to accommodate its many attendees.

Rob Evans, the bishop of the Provo 95th Young Single Adult (YSA) ward, said he has noticed a correlation between temple attendance and the educational success of the members of his ward.

“They are more motivated to do better in school and in their lives,” Evans said. “If they’re struggling, I encourage them to go to the temple at least monthly.”

Evans said approximately 80 percent of members in his ward hold temple recommends and a good portion of those attend regularly. He said having two temples in Provo may motivate more students to go because of split crowds and consequential shorter wait times.

“It will be so much closer and easier to get to,” Evans said.

BYU junior Becca Pearson said she currently attends the temple twice a month and looks forward to the opening of the Provo City Center temple. She said regular temple attendance improves her college experience.

“It gives me an eternal perspective and it helps me be less stressed,” Pearson said.

Chelsea Randall, a senior at BYU, said she wants to get more familiar with all of the ordinances at the temple, but it’s hard to coordinate schedules with her husband to go together when the temple isn’t so busy. She said a reduced wait time would help them attend the temple more regularly.

“Temple attendance creates a better relationship for me and my husband,” Randall said. “We have a more peaceful home.”

The Provo City Center Temple will be dedicated on Sunday, Mar. 20 and will be open for use on Tuesday, Mar. 22.

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