Police Beat Mar. 4–11




March 7 — A set of stabilizer bars was stolen from a trailer around the Leo B. Ellsworth Building sometime between March 2–4. The bars are valued at $300. There are no suspects.

March 8–10 — A $500 Trek bike was stolen from a bike rack in Heritage Halls. The bike was locked with a compromised U-lock.

March 10 — A 38-year-old female, not associated with BYU, concealed $18.91 worth of merchandise from the Creamery on Ninth. She was stopped and confronted by the police and after multiple excuses she was cited for retail theft.

March 10 — A male and female, both visitors to BYU, attempted to steal two books from the Harold B. Lee Library. Both books were about drugs and one was about cultivating marijuana. The case is under investigation.

Vehicle Burglary

March 7 — A child was reported missing from Wymount Terrace. Police responded and found the child inside their own home.

March 9 — A security officer at the MTC noticed a suspicious person at the MTC’s construction site and notified the University Police. The police detained the person. The case was passed to the Provo Police.

March 10 — Various tools were stolen out of the bed of a truck parked in the MTC construction site between 8:00 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. The estimated cost of the tools was $160.


March 11 — A male getting out of his car in a parking lot between May and J Hall in Helaman Halls saw what he believed to be remnants of a marijuana joint on the ground. The officers confirmed it was a remnant of a joint, but the case is inactive as there are no leads.



March 2 — A rape occurred in a house just east of the Life Science Building around 2 a.m. according to crimereports.com.

Vehicle Theft

March 11 — A vehicle was reported stolen around 10 a.m. in the 100 Block W. 880 North in Provo near the Foxwood and University Villa Apartments.


Counterfeit Money

March 11 — A man tried using a counterfeit $100 bill at an Orem restaurant. The bill stated at the top that it was for “Motion Picture Use Only.”

Vehicle Theft

March 8 — A moving truck, which has been missing since March 3, was located with the help of “trusty FB detectives,” according to Orem Police Department Facebook page.

Vehicle Burglary

March 7 — Someone reported two men burglarizing cars in the area of 500 N. 1000 East in Orem. Police responded and found two men and a woman, all dressed in dark clothing, going through a car. One man ran away on foot, and the other two individuals were caught. Police located stolen property from other cars and locations on them. The two burglars were taken to jail and the third individual was identified.


March 7 — A woman attempted to use fake IDs and credit cards to purchase phones to an account at the Sprint Store. The employees were suspicious because the woman couldn’t give some basic information located on the account. Police responded and ended up arresting and booking her in jail. She previously got away from a cell phone store in Spanish Fork with over $2,000 in property.

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