BYU students not so enthusiastic about Romney or Trump


SALT LAKE CITY — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney packed the University of Utah’s Hinckley Convention Hall for a speech mostly focused on trading barbs with Donald Trump, but some think it wasn’t enough.

“They’re all pretty crazy,” Lauren Willis says of the 2016 candidates


Romney dispelled rumors of a presidential run and did not take the moment to endorse anyone, but rather spoke against Donald Trump. While the common sentiment among many young voters has not been favorable towards Trump, few students from Romney’s alma mater, Brigham Young University, were inspired by his perspective.

One student, Kyle Perry, offered some insight on the effect the speech may have, expressing doubt towards the impact of Romney’s speech.

Perry said “Even with a guy like Mitt, I don’t think it will affect [Trump’s] overall support.” Perry explained his study of the speech and projected that while Romney’s speech will solidify the position of the party establishment, it will not have a large effect on polling. Perry’s opinion went on to express support for Sen. Marco Rubio, but admitted doubts about the level of confidence of the candidate.

“I think it was more of a teaching moment for people who don’t know Trump’s history,” said Michael Moon. Moon expressed confusion about the political landscape and admitted that he was still unsure who he would want to vote for.

Many students, like Moon, followed Romney’s speech with some hesitance and admitted a tone of detachment to the election, generally expressing a lack of enthusiasm about particular candidates. Perhaps one of the detracting notes of Romney’s speech was that he did not endorse a candidate or propose any alternatives, leaving a poignant note about Trump but not clarifying the decision many are still wondering about.

“I haven’t decided yet. They’re all pretty crazy,” Lauren Willis said of the 2016 field of candidates.

Steven Shirley said “I personally don’t like Donald Trump that much. . . I’m going to have to do some research before I decide.”

Donald Trump has lead in most of the polls for Republican candidates, but his candidacy has not been the most popular with millennials. Trump continues to lead the Republican field.

Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Maine will be holding their Republican primaries on Saturday and Puerto Rico on Sunday.



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