Police Beat Feb. 26- March 4




March 3 — A male student’s lost ID card was used five times to make $4.50 in vending machine purchases in J Hall at Helaman Halls. University Police used video surveillance to identify an 18-year-old male student who used the lost ID card. The ID card owner did not want charges pressed, only his money back.

Feb. 29 – Mar. 2 — A $350 bike was stolen from Wymount Terrace. The bike lock was found undamaged on the ground.

Feb. 29 — Around noon a boy entered the Creamery on Ninth. He asked for and received a plastic bag from an employee. The boy put three bags of chips and one cooler of creme mix in the bag and left. The employee watched the boy and chased him down to get the bag of stolen items back. The boy said he purchased the items but was unable to produce a receipt. The employee took the merchandise back to the store and then called the police. The employee believed the boy went back to school.


Feb. 29 — Two women left the Wilkinson Student Center and were walking toward the library at around 9 p.m. A man threw an object in front of them and ran toward them yelling, cursing and telling them to stop laughing. He was swinging his arms and his fist grazed the shoulder of one of the women. The women stopped laughing and apologized. The man started to walk away but turned around, picked something off the ground and threw it at the women, hitting one of them. The man left. After investigating the case the University Police received a tip that the male was seen at Macey’s in Provo. Police talked to the male who explained that he felt the women were laughing at him and he was scared. The male was banned from campus, but no charges were pressed.


Car Accident

March 3 — A minor vehicle pedestrian accident occurred near the duck pond on 800 North in Provo. A car swerved to avoid a car that turned in front of it. The swerving caused the driver to hit a pedestrian. None of the drivers were hurt, but the pedestrian was transported to the hospital. Provo Police said the pedestrian would be fine.

Missing Person

March 2 — Nichole Harris, 41, was found dead in a thicket of scrub oak trees. Harris had been reported missing since Oct. 26, 2015. Provo Police said on their Facebook page that detectives “processed the scene and determined there were no obvious signs of foul play.”


Bank Robbery

Feb. 29 — The US Bank at 1220 S. State Street was robbed around 1:40 p.m. The suspect was a white male wearing a fake mustache, wig, black shirt, blue jeans and white shoes. He was not caught.

Car Accident

March 2 — Around 4 p.m., a man driving a Ford truck hit an 11-year-old boy using the crosswalk with a friend. The boy was transported to a hospital via helicopter with life-threatening injuries. Around 7 p.m. on March 3 the boy died because of the injuries.


March 3 — A suspicious vehicle was reported to Orem in the area of 1300 N. 1000 West. The three people inside gave the responding officer false names. The officer found their real names and discovered they had all run away from their homes in St. George. They stole a relative’s car, credit cards and IDs. They were arrested. The paraphernalia, cigarettes and weed in their possession were removed by the officer.

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