Eleven emojis Facebook should have included as a new reaction button

Facebook's new reaction buttons.
Facebook’s new reaction buttons.

Facebook has done it again. It has gone ahead and changed the “like” button on the website, and the new buttons have been blowing up like crazy all over Facebook.

Now, not only can you like a post, you can use the reaction buttons to state that you “love it,” that it makes you go “haha” or that it makes you angry. And just in case you don’t know what emotion goes with each button, they’ve listed it for you.

Here are 11 of the emojis Facebook forgot to include.

1. The thumbs down. For when you disagree with the original poster, the article the original poster posted or just don’t like it. Like on Reddit, some things just need to be down voted.


2. The chocolate froyo. Just kidding. It’s poop. Yay for poop! This could be use for describing your sentiments of the original poster’s post or with a smile.


3. Monkey see no evil. For those posts that you just did not want to see, this would be the perfect emoji.


4. Sleeping. For those boring political posts. Just kidding! Because we totally need to know what Trump and Hillary are saying.


5. Clapping. Game respects game. When you just want to give props to those who deserve it. Usually followed by a burn or a witty remark.


6. No face. For when you don’t have a response or an opinion on the matter, in which case you can just skip the post all together.


7. High five. The few times you just want to high five your best friend’s post. Or use its alternative form: praying.


8. Ghost face. For when you’re astonished beyond belief. Or your mother tells you that she’s coming to visit, and she’s going to check your room.


 9. Money bags. For however you use your money; blow, throw, make it rain or if the post is just straight money.


10. Cat. Because cats are the biggest thing since pasteurized milk. Whether you’re a cat lady or you’re allergic, you cannot deny how cute the “surprised kitty” video is.


  11. Engagement ring. At BYU where there’s a new engagement every weekend, this is a must. BYU stereotypes come true.

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