Police Beat Feb. 12-19




Feb. 18 — Someone called University Police to report a suspicious person distributing fliers south of the Harris Fine Arts Center. Police discovered the fliers were for a BYU housing event.

Feb. 12 — A suspicious backpack was left outside an office in the Harris Fine Arts Center with a note. Police were the first to read the note which indicated the backpack, filled with sheet music, was to be given to a specific person.

Disorderly Conduct

Feb. 18 — A bearded student tried to attend class at University Parkway Center, but the teacher told him to leave because of the Honor Code violation. The student refused to leave the building and police were called. Police told the student how to get approval for his beard and he left.

Feb. 17 — A male student piled snow against a door of May Hall in Helaman Halls. Officers told him the snow posed a personal safety issues to others, and the snow was removed.


Feb. 16 — A male BYU student responded to an ad about a job and sometime later received a check with a request to send back $1,600. He sent back the money, but the original check bounced.



Feb. 16 — A burglary occurred near Union Square Apartments at the block of 400 N. 300 East during the middle of the day at a non-residential building.

Feb. 13 — A residential property was burglarized around 8 p.m. in the block of 100 E. 620 North St. in Provo.


Feb. 15-18 — Tools were stolen out of a construction vehicle in a church parking lot near the MTC.


Road rage

Feb. 18 — Two men were driving in separate cars and ended up following each other to the Cinemark Theater located in south Orem. They got out of their cars to yell at each other and one ended up head-butting the other. Both were given a citation from police.


Feb. 16 — A man was caught shoplifting at Shopko. While he was held, he grabbed a small bag in his pocket and swallowed it. He was taken to the hospital and treated. He was booked into jail after the hospital released him.

Feb. 19 — A woman was caught shoplifting. She gave police two different names and claimed she was pregnant. Police had to get medical clearance from a hospital to jail her. The woman was not pregnant and she signed hospital forms with one of the fake names she gave to the officer. Police obtained her actual identity, and she was booked into jail with several felony charges.

Feb 17 — Two individuals took over $1,000 of cosmetics from a local business.


Feb. 16 — A rock was thrown through a window at a business in south Orem. Some property was taken.

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